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Why should I purchase an Upwardor® garage door?

Durability and Safety in mind, which provides the homeowner with a host of options in addition to years of safe, secure, and worry-free operation. Upwardor®’s commercial products are “built strong, built right” and were designed for both standard and specialty commercial applications. Upwardor® uses industrial grade materials only, in all components.

Why is quality so important? Aren't all doors the same?

Garage doors are typically both the largest moving object and the largest single visible building component, used on the exterior of the home (other than brick or siding). Due to size and the usage frequency (often used more frequently than the entrance door), it is important to purchase a garage door that is attractive, with options that can accent your home.

More importantly, however, a garage door should provide durability, security, insulation value, and should be safe to operate—year-in and year-out. While inexpensive, non-insulated or partially-insulated doors may look good from the outside, but they can wear-down quickly and, in effect, become a safety hazard. Ultimately, these types of products will not provide the key benefits of durability, security or insulation (R-value) of an Upwardor®Stylistic door.

What is the difference between steel garage doors and wood garage doors?

Wood garage doors are a product of the past; steel doors are a product of the present.

Steel doors do not need to be painted, whereas wood doors must be painted and maintained to avoid warping and rotting.  Steel doors can be insulated to provide for maximum insulation (R value).  Wood doors are not insulated.   Manufacturers of steel doors warranty their products for longer (Lifetime Limited) timeframes than manufacturers of wood doors, whose warranties are much shorter (1 to 3 Years).  In addition, steel garage doors have more glazing and design options than do wood garage doors.

Where can I purchase an Upwardor® garage door?

Upwardor® residential and commercial doors can be purchased and/or installed by an authorized Upwardor® dealer/distributor. To find an authorized dealer/distributor in your area, please go to the Contact Us link section of this web site.