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Car Dealerships

An effective and efficient dealership service operation means moving vehicles in and out all day. Smooth operation of your doors can be vital to both productivity and profitability.

Upwardor products are manufactured to handle diverse conditions along with specific dealership needs. The result is an affordable door system that helps you improve your bottom line while ensuring your business operations run smoothly.

POWAIRDOR™ pneumatic operators offer high-speed operation to reduce heat or A/C loss and are virtually maintenance free – reducing down time in customer service.

Solalite™ overhead doors are up to the demanding task of frequent usage; resisting corrosion as well as cold transfer from the outside – ideal for wash areas.

AL-976™ & AL-SWD™ full view doors offer an updated, modern appearance for instances where optimum visibility and light transfer are important — the perfect solution for your showroom and service bays.

Car Washes

Car washes see vehicles coming and going all day. Smooth operation of door systems can be vital to both productivity and profitability.

Featuring the Solalite™ translucent aluminum overhead door and the POWAIRDOR pneumatic door operator, Upwardor’s Car Wash System is manufactured to handle high-cycle use in highly-corrosive conditions. The result is a system that is affordable and reliable and ensures your operation runs cleanly.