Pairing a Guardian garage door opener with an Upwardor® garage door adds value and security for homeowners. Upwardor® is pleased to be a master distributor of Guardian openers.

Guardian Core Series

The performance and reliability of the CORE SERIES garage door operators are known globally. The model 415 and model 425 are tried and true and have a powerful and reliable AC motor that will lift even the heaviest residential garage door reliably for years to come. With their quick installation and simple installer preferred mechanical travel limits and adjustable force programming features, these operators are preferred by professional contractors.

Available Products:

Guardian Core Series Model 415 - Upwardor

Model 415

Guardian Core Series Model 425 - Upwardor

Model 425

Guardian Pro Series

Guardian’s PRO SERIES operators are engineered for smooth & quiet operation. Reliable 24V DC motors with precision controlled electronic limits, soft-start and stop and automatic force learning feature can be coupled with a belt drive for one of the most silent systems around. Drive choice is always in the customer’s hands. All Guardian operators can be supplied with a chain or best drive with a heavy duty T-rail or a C-rail to cover the chain or belt. Guardian will never compromise on safety. All operators are in compliance with the latest industry standards and offer a unique photo-eye system with protective steel enclosure and water-resistant design.

Available Products:

Guardian Pro Series Model 615- Upwardor

Model 615

Guardian Pro Series Model 625FCA- Upwardor

Model 628FCA

Residential Line

thermalex commercial door - upwardor

Commercial Line